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Aligner Treatment Pricing

Our pricing is dependent on many factors such as complexity, time, and patient goals. Because of this, we give a range here to give you a better idea of general costs associated with treatment. To get a more detailed estimate, please call us to schedule a consultation today.

Low Complexity

Limited goals such as closing a small gap between teeth or relieving some minor crowding
Includes Aligner Retainers
Limited Refinements

Medium Complexity

General crowding or spacing of teeth that are normally lined up
Includes Aligner Retainers
Limited Refinements

High Complexity

Severe crowding or spacing with rotated or misaligned teeth
Includes Aligner Retainers
*Unlimited Refinements

Will Dental Insurance Cover This?

Many Insurances have coverage for orthodontic benefits. They usually only offer partial coverage and on average allow about $1000 -$2000 towards total cost of aligner treatment. Contact us to see if your insurance can help.


We offer many financing solutions to help pay for treatment.
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